The Philanthropy Workshop

You care passionately about an issue and want to create real change.

You want to maximise the social impact of your philanthropic giving. But how?

What are the best techniques and models?

What is the latest thinking from around the globe?

How can you connect with others facing the same challenges and learn from their experience?

It was to address these questions that The Philanthropy Workshop, or TPW, was founded.  Established by the Rockefeller Foundation in 1995, and now a project of the Institute for Philanthropy, it is the first and the best port of call for individuals who have just sold a company, launched their own giving programme or have inherited a leadership role in their family's trust.

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In my philanthropy, I used to be a day trader. Now, I’m a value investor.

TPW participant

Through The Philanthropy Workshop I was able to move from charitable giving to strategic philanthropy. I shifted my thinking beyond a project mentality to changing attitudes and building coalitions and partnerships.

TPW participant

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Tracy Mack Parker
+1 212-378-2093
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"TPW has had a transformative effect on my giving"

Read more from Fran Perrin,
founder and director of the Indigo Trust

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